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Pop Japan Vol.4 (2013)

Posted by virg on September 11, 2013 at 3:50 AM

Artists at the forefront of Japanese Pop art

This is our Forth exhibition in the Pop Japan series. On first appearance, it may seem like a very simplistic title, but each of the artworks featured here really is on the cutting edge of Japanese art. Full of impact and new ideas, there is no denying that as our Pop Japan! series continues,  it has grabbed the attention of collectors all over the world, and they are quickly snapping up these artworks. It's now entering the last quarter of 2013 so keep watching for the new artworks and I am sure you will find something that you are interested in.


 The concept behind this particular exhibition is “Pop and Catchy”, and to quote the expression of one of the artists themselves, these really are works with a “playful heart”.

Like fine cuisine, art requires that essential “flavour” that is unique to its artist, that characteristic which is completely individual. We are confident that with this exhibition, ever more than before, we have gathered together the most exciting illustrators and artists working in Japan, creating new artistic trend straight from Sydney.Things to suit all tastes!


Along with artworks, a number of products featuring characters by each of the artists are available. Only just over three months to go so take or opportunity now before it is too late.

2014 will see Vol 5! which will be another exciting year. So catch Vol 4! while you can and watch this space for news about 2014.

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