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2013 - we survived 2012.

Posted by virg on January 12, 2013 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

So the end of the world didn't happen!!

We all made it to 2013.

Me & Art anticipated that and made big plans for a new look and feel for 2013.

I suppose you could say our new theme is - "if it's in here it's art". including the viewers and customers. The gallery is now an interactive art space where everyone adds their own little bit to the experience. Even that person who walks in front of your view as you are studying the form of the artwork.

Its an exciting new start and I hope you will come along and try it out.

Art's New Frontier

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Art's New Frontier - Coming Soon

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Coming Soon - Neo Japanesque

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JAPAN ZOO Coming Soon!

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Our new exhibition: Japan Zoo will be opening on Tuesday, July 17. Please be sure to come along!


KAWAII! Japan's Cute Art Revolution

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Our new exhibition is opening next week! Please be sure to come along and check it out.

Click on the flyer to see extra images.

Getting Devilish in 'Japaralia'

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Our upcoming exhibition "Sweet Devil" has been covered in Sydney's Japanese language magazine Japaralia!

Click on the cover to view the entire issue.

Check out our "Event Notice" here.

We're planning a big opening event, so we hope to see everyone there!