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Makoto Yano - Appearing as part of our "Japan Zoo" Exhibition

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Makoto Yano

Born in Aichi and living in Saitama, Makoto Yano began creating artworks in 2006 She has contributed to a number of group exhibitions in Japan. Most of his work revolves around illustrations for animation and children’s books. This is his first international exhibition.


Artist Comments

A Walk in the Rain

Invited for a walk by a rain-loving friend. In the quiet patter of the rain, where should we go today?


Floating in the Sea

It’s time for a quick dip in the sea to escape from the heat of the sun. It feels so good to drift along. Where will I drift off to?


Blossom Time

Growing and blooming in the sun, Spring has arrived!



Walking with such tenacity, you are a flashing red jewel on my finger.

Hours - Appearing as part of our "Japan Zoo" Exhibition

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Hours was born in 1993 in Kanagawa prefecture. This year she entered a female arts university where she studies craft arts. As a student she is still exhibiting at art and craft fairs around Japan. 

Hours completes the majority of her works in pen, using her own sketches or photos as reference. The multitudes of circles around the animals link her two works. The artist says she likes to think of the circles as representing the world around the animals. They represent the atmosphere, the masses of air or water that we usually can’t see. This is Hours’ first international exhibition.


Artist Comments


I drew a peacock I saw at the zoo in this work. He walked around with such elegance that it really struck me. Even without his plumage on show, he was so beautiful. I wanted to show his composure and pomp.



I love sea turtles the best of all animals. They traverse the Pacific Ocean making their long journey despite the numerous dangers. I find this so romantic and appealing. In this work I wanted to show the grace of the turtle as he swims through the deep sea.

Shoji Okamoto - Appearing as part of KAWAII!

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Shojiro Okamoto 【岡本章二郎】

Born in 1988, Shojiro Okamoto first debuted as an illustrator at the 2008 Tokyo Design Festa. He has continued to exhibit at the Design Festa every year since and is making his name as an up-coming young artist.


Artist’s Comments


In this work I wanted to depict the two faces of a girl in a realistic and anime style.


In this work I wanted to depict the internal and external aspects of the girls, both through their expressions and their costumes.



JAPAN ZOO - Exhibiting Artists Announced

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We are purrrfectly pleased to introduce the names of the artists contributing to our upcoming exhibition "JAPAN ZOO"

Please come along and see the virtual menagerie that these talented artists have created.

Contributing artists include:

Ryoji Ikuse                     Yumi Oue

Toko Frususawa              Ahiru

Yuuki Kikuchi                    ANAROGU NINGEN

Kao                                     Makoto Yano

Hours                                 Taira

Fummie Mee                     Tetsuji Yamaguchi

Moriuo                                 Chizuko Demachi

and many more!

Click on the sample artworks below to see a bigger version.


taeko - Appearing as part of our KAWAII! exhibition

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The first artist to appear as part of our KAWAII! exhibition is taeko. The delicate brush-strokes with which taeko paints her animal world can only be described as gorgeous. seeing her happy animals frolic through her works, you can't help but utter the word "Kawaii!" This is cuteness to the max!


Comment from the artist

Everybody has 24 hours per day but each person spends their own time in different ways. I want to use my time to give real shapes to the things that fill my heart. 





SEILLA - Appearing as part of our Sweet Devil Exhibition

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In SEILLA's own words: "My work is the only place where I can find true beauty. I paint my world in delicate brushstrokes. A world in black and white, with whispers of pale colour."


As well as being an artist, SEILLA is part of a musical group and creates all the cover artwork for the group's albums. We will be using SEILLA's music as the background music for the exhibition. Along with sales of her CDs at our gallery, SEILLA's albums are also available on iTunes. SEILLA's originality certainly marks her as an artist to keep an eye on.

Click on the image to see a larger version.




Azusa Usugi -Appearing As Part Of Our Sweet Devil Exhibition

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Introducing the unique world of Azusa Usugi. Is this the evil that lurks inside all women?


It may be confusing to say this but Usugi's works have a kind of entertaining horror element.


I hope the artist takes this comment as a compliment!




Comment from the artist:


The evil inside of me is very flashy and gaudy. She opens her legs to tempt a partner just as she discards his love letter.


My evil has no eyes. While continuing to search for a partner who will accept her, she continually refuses all those who come along.


I like to create bold depictions of the insatiable hunger inside all women.

Click on each image to see a larger version.




Michizuki - Appearing As Part Of Our Sweet Devil Exhibition

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Michizuki is one of the leading contributors to our upcoming Sweet Devil exhibition. Along with his printed artworks, Michizuki also has T-shirts featuring his cute if somewhat sadistic characters.

Both cute and disturbing, these T-shirts, just like Michizuki's works, feature images that could only come from Japan's kooky art sub-culture. An adorable fawn in full SM gear? Only an artist like Michizuki would consider combining these two elements! The result is something both cute and hardcore and a little unsettling. That's the beauty of Michizuki's work!

Click on each of the works for larger images.


T-Shirt by Michizuki


KANAKO - Appearing As Part Of Our Sweet Devil Exhibition

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KANAKO was born in Fukuoka Japan in 1989.

Using cute girlish images as her motif, KANAKO has been illustrating since her teens. She has published her digital illustrations online and has also worked on her own comics, this marks not only her first overseas debut, but also her first time working in an analogue format.

Her works have an undeniably cute, pop sensibility but also exude a dark humour.

At Me & Art, we are always on the look out for as yet undiscovered, but remarkably talented artists like KANAKO. 

We aim to continue to introduce these newest and brightest stars of the Japanese art world to Australia and the world .

All artworks pictured are recent works by the artist and will be available at the exhibition.

Click on images for further information.